Social Media

Develop of visual assets, graphic material to support marketing campaigns for social media, illustration and motion graphics.

Teacher’s Day


A campaign was carried out in social media where phrases of gratitude from students who were motivated by their teachers were used. In this campaign, several graphic pieces were created and made available on all social media, as well as animations and an article on the institutional site. We maintained consistency with the brand's style guide in terms of colors and typography. 

Human Coders


Development of graphic material to promote the reading of the study on the impact of programming on education and the labor market. Development of visual proposal and animation.

Women’s  day


Publications in social midia as a campaign for Women's Day, highlighting some phrases of women who have stood out for their work in education. 



Development of institutional campaigns, animations and graphic material in general to disseminate the client's institutional work, as well as projects or events in support of education.